LISTEN comes form the word SILENT; and SILENT comes form the word LISTEN.
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hese are links of value-laden classroom activities, songs, poems, prayers, quotations and trivia that will surely make your session exciting and meaningful.

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Classroom Activities

1. Classroom Activities that engage the mind. The purpose of each activity is to address the holistic approach to teaching.

2.  Information and activity ideas for teachers on VALUES EDUCATION

3.  Psychological Tests: Free battery of original psychological tests, scored and accompanied by extensive interpretation.

4. TARGET TRAITS OF GOOD CHARACTER: 13 different character education lesson plans one for each month!/pillindex.htm

5. Creativity activities and articles 

6. 100 Things to do with Books

7. Ice Breakers                                          

8. Character Education           

9. Character Education Organizations

10. CC:CREATIVE ACTIVITIES for character/values education

11. Free Sample Stories for Values Education                     

12. Daily Motivator                    

13. The Active Reviewing Cycle: 4 zone       

14. Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

15. Free Online Retreats                         

16. Kindness in Action: Servant Evangelism Ideas!

Class Room Activities

CE/GMRC for Grade 5
(Revised Edition)

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