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Values Education Lesson Plan for Third Year High School


Benjamin Isaac Marte and Nonita C. Marte

Filipinos are known for their creativity and ingenuity, and this ability has resulted in unique inventions and innovations. Complete the crossword puzzle and find out some examples of these inventions.






















1. traditionally made of pineapple fiber
4. earthen pots or jars used for water storage
5. a type of torch made of bamboo
6. a toy traditionally made of kamagong woods and was a first used as a weapon
8 . native hat made of dried banana leaves



1. a steel fan knife that can punch a hole in a coin
2. baby walker made of rattan
3. native board game played with seashells
7. wooden slippers
8. a popular children’s toy made of strands of straw and a piece of lead
9. a common means of transportation



Form groups of five and create a new object within 10 minutes using the following materials: 5 paper plates; 15 paper clips; 3 ballpens or pencils. When the time allotted is over, choose one among yourselves to explain your creation.



1. How did it feel to create something out of limited resources?
2. Where you surprised by how creative you and the others were? Explain your answers.
3. How were you able to come up with your creation?



1. Why is it important for us to be creative?
2. In what ways do you like to express your creativity?
3. What would be the result if citizens of a country put their creative talents into full use?
4. Do you believe that the Filipinos are creative? Why?





Value Concept:

Filipinos are known for being able to face problems with a confident outlook. This is because we are creative, resourceful, and quick learners. We also have the ability to improvise and make use whatever is on hand in order to create and produce. This is seen in our skill in making new things out of scraps and discarded materials and in keeping old machines running. This creative talents can likewise be seen in the many fields of endeavor that we engage in. All these result to productivity and innovation. As Filipinos we should unleash and enhance this creative spirit of ours. We should strive to utilize it as an important instrument for national recovery. Otherwise, stagnation and decay will follow. Let us therefore continuously tap this resource so we can help ourselves and our nation in solving our country’s economic problems.


The Inherent Creativity of the Filipino

We Filipino are known for our positive outlook in life despite the many obstacles we encounter. One reason for this attitude is that we possess talents that help us confront problems confidently. Faced with the seemingly overwhelming odds, we are able to improvise and utilize scraps and discarded materials in order to come up with innovative devices/inventions. But the most responsible for this optimism is our creativity.

Creativity refers to the ability to see things in new and unusual ways, and therefore allows the individual to come up with ideas that no one else sees. The key is to transform creative potentials into creativity, the results are novel ideas that may emerge in the form of tangible products such as inventions, discoveries, initiatives, and other recognized unique and novel products.


The Creative Filipino

It is unknown to many but everyone is capable of creativity. One has only to unleash this hidden potential. The first step one must take is to develop a critical attitude that reveals itself through an inquiring and questioning mind. Because of this inquisitiveness, a creative mind is able to visualize the dreams and ideals of a life better than that which presently exists.


Of course, the road to success is full of failures and disappointments. There are those who plant seeds of doubt, passivity, and apathy. But creative minds do not hesitate. They speak their minds and will to their fellowmen with an attitude of openness and respect. Equally important is the strong desire and persistence together with the willingness to work exceptionally hard. It is a fact that many creative geniuses and their great works and inventions were largely the result of great perseverance.


A creative mind is also imaginative: it discovers things. It uses this knowledge to dream ideas that are not only novel o unusual, but are workable as well. It takes risk and invest in transforming thoughts into reality: It creates tools, equipment, and other products that provide mankind a better quality of life.


Still, to be truly creative, one needs to be focused on specific personal and national goals. Without these, there would be no reason for one to put one’s creative ability to work. In other words, we need the kind of motivation that would push us to do what we should. The following section discusses this point.


Self-Development. The self is like a piece of clay. Everyday it is exposed to different experiences that gives it shape. We are in some ways like pieces of clay: To become who we really are, we must discover and develop all our potentials to the fullest. Among this talents is our creativity. This ability is unique compared to our other talents. This is because creating thoughts, ideas, and objects puts into play all our other talents. Thus, when we use our creativity, we bring forth who we really are.


Let us keep in mind that those who stand to benefit from our abilities are our fellowmen. But to truly serve them, we must first develop our potentials. Let us remember that we cannot give something that we do not have.


Nation/Society. We are meant to live not only for ourselves, but also for others. It is therefore our responsibility to share our time, effort, and talents with others. One way of sharing is by utilizing our creative ability for the good of our nation.


Whenever we come up with novel ideas and make use of their end products, the rest of the society benefits. Individuals who demonstrate creativity can produce novel and effective solutions to the challenges that we faced. For sure, it is a creative citizen that moves mankind toward progress.


We should, likewise acknowledge each person’s capacity to create. As such, we should also encourage them to develop and harness their own creativity. The more creative minds are at work, the better is the result for us all.


God. We are created in God’s image, and because of our divine origin, we posses a part of His awe-inspiring creative powers. It is only therefore right to show our gratitude to Him by making full use of our creative ability. Let us not waste this tremendous gift.


Let’s Be C.R.E.A.T.I.V.E.!

Bringing out our creativity takes time, patience, and practice. To get you started, below are suggestions that may help you.


Come up with new ideas. Be original and use different strategies.


Relax. Don’t worry about looking foolish whenever you suggest something unusual, or if you come up with the wrong answer.


Eliminate cultural taboos. Remove restriction in your thoughts that might interfere with your ability to come up with a novel solution.<


Apply analogies whenever possible. Think of similar situation in the past and see whether they apply to your current problem.


Trust your intuition. Think of unconventional ways of using objects and the environment.


Imagination is the key. This is the mother of all inventions and innovations. Visualize your thoughts.


Verify the usefulness of your ideas. Remember that creativity is not only novelty, it is also workability.



Endure and persevere. Keep an open mind; if you get stuck with one approach, try another route.


We are truly a creative people. This is evident in the many fields of endeavor that we venture into, resulting in productivity and innovation. As concerned citizens, we should unleash and enhance the creative spirit of the Filipino. We should use it us a tool for national recovery. Failing to do so will result in stagnation and ruin. Let us therefore utilize this resource so we can help ourselves and our nation in solving our economic problems.



1. List down possible and concrete ways on how you can enhance or develop you creativity.

2. List down ways on how you can share your creativity.


1. Filipinos are able to face problems with a confident outlook because of our inherent creative ability.
2. We have the ability to improvise and make use of whatever is on hand to create and produce.
3. We should strive to utilize our creativity as an instrument for national recovery. By continuously tapping this resource, we can help ourselves and our nation in solving our country’s economic problems.
4. Utilizing our creativity will develop ourselves, improve our capability to contribute to society, and fulfill God’s plan for us.



Put a ( ) before a statement that describes a creative person. Identify the statements that express otherwise with an ( ).

_____ 1. Has the ability to improvise.

_____ 2. Can use whatever is on hand to create and produce.

_____ 3. Has an inquiring and questioning mind.

_____ 4. Sticks to old and conventional ways of doing things.

_____ 5.Comes up with innovated devices using discarded and old materials.

_____ 6. Possesses a strong desire and persistence to work hard.

_____ 7. Has the tendency to be afraid of what others might say when
suggesting something.

_____ 8. Sees things in new and unusual ways.

_____ 9. Discards ideas once initial approaches don’t work.

_____ 10. Has an imaginative mind.



"A creative mind begins where others want to give up"



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