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Character Education/Good Manners and Right Conduct Lesson for Grade Five


Benjamin Isaac Marte and Nonita C. Marte

Growing Together Equally



Let’s Get Started

Here is the list of chores that are performed around your house. Who do you think can do the job better: a boy or a girl? Write your answer on the space provided for.

  1. cleaning the house _____________

  2. cooking meal _____________

  3. running errands _____________

  4. washing the dishes _____________

  5. gardening _____________

  6. washing clothes _____________

  7. ironing _____________

  8. feeding the pets (dogs, cats, etc.) _____________

  9. fixing the faucet _____________

  10. mending clothes _____________


Look at your answer. What do think would happen to the boy and girl exchange chores?


Let’s Do Something

Write down at least five (5) responsibilities you feel others expect you to do because you are a boy or a girl. Exchange the list with a classmate of the opposite gender. How does the list compare with yours? Can you also the thing listed by your classmate?

What Do I Think and Feel?

I think both boys and girls can ___________________________________


Draw your answer

I feel is it alright to exchange responsibilities because

Knowing that I can perform the responsibilities that the opposite gender are expected to do, I feel:

I feel that responsibilities must not be based on gender alone because 


Let’s Keep In Mind

My upbringing has instilled in me ideas about certain differences between the male and the female, especially when it comes to responsibilities. I realize that gender should not be used as the sole basis for what one can do. I realize, too, that there is nothing wrong with exchanging roles.


Gender Fairness

For a long time now, we have been assigned responsibilities according to our gender: girls wash clothes, cook, and clean the house, while boys do carpentry and plumbing jobs. We tend to do this because we are influenced by what people say. Gender should not be used as a basis for assigning responsibilities because both sexes are capable of doing things well.
Boys and Girls


(sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells")


You are free to choose
What you want to be
All the things they do
You can do it, too
Boys can cook and sew
Girl can hammer nails
What fun it is to try the things
You thought you could not do
Boys and girls, girls and boys
Everyone is fair
Oh! What fun it is to try
The things that others do
Work and play, play and work
Everything is fair
Oh! What fun it is to try
The things that others do



From now on

You know that it is all right for you to perform responsibilities expected of the opposite sex. So that other may know this, create a SLOGAN that will encourage them to practice gender fairness. Write this slogan inside the shirt below.



How Much Did I Learn?

Below are pictures of boys and girls at work. Encircle the ones that show gender fairness.





























































Think of three (3) advantages you may experience if you were to do the responsibilities done by the opposite sex.

1. _________________________________________________
2. _________________________________________________ 
3. _________________________________________________




Character Education/Good Manners and Right Conduct Lesson for Grade Four


Topic: Religious Tolerance
Nonita C. Marte


Let’s Get Started

Look at the symbols closely. Study them. On the space provided, write down the religious sect that is represented by each of the symbols.























Although they are different, what do they have in common?


Let’s Do Something


Norman’s Church

Norman is a new student in your class. He is friendly and kind. You became his friend because you enjoy his company and you like his good attitude. Like most friends, you study together, eat together, and play together.


One day, you invited Norman to your place. Your father and mother were glad to meet him. Norman was also pleased to meet your parents. Afterwards, he often visited your family during weekends because he liked them, too.


Weeks passed and Norman finally asked you to meet his family. He wanted you to attend the wedding of his brother. You agreed to attend because you were also eager to meet his parents.


On the day of the wedding, Norman fetched you at home to go the church. Upon reaching the church, you noticed that it was different from your church. The wedding ceremony was very strange and different from what you used to see. In the middle of the ceremony, you came to realize that Norman’s religion was different from yours.


1. Will you leave the church? Why or why not?

2. How would you feel after knowing that you and Norman have different religions?

3. Will there be a change in your friendship with Norman?


Draw your answer on the space provided.


What Do I Think and Feel?




















Picture ____ shows respect for the religion of others.

I will imitate what the children in picture _____ are doing.


Put a ( ) in the box before the statement showing respect to people of different religions:

____ Accepting them for what they are

____ Arguing with them about their beliefs

____ Showing concern to them in times of need

____ Treating them fairly

____ Criticizing their religious practices


Do you agree that the one must respect the religion of others?

______ Yes ______ No


When my friends and other people around me respect my religious beliefs/practices I feel:


Let’s Keep These in Mind

Our religion is our personal way of relating to God. People have different religions. Therefore I must respect the religious beliefs and practices of others. Even if we have different religions, we are one with God.


To Accept Is to Respect

People have different religions. Some are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. Although they belong to different religions, they have one thing in common: they all believe in a Supreme Being – God.

Religion is our way of believing, relating, and worshipping God. This is the proof all men need God. It is important to respect the religious celebrations, beliefs, and customs of others. We should not focus on our differences; instead, emphasize what we have common, which is faith in God.

Each one of us must continually accept and respect the religions of others for it will bring unity, understanding, and love among men.In dealing with those who are different from us, we should always remember this saying/passage:

"Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."


From Now On

Imagine that you have been asked to be a guest speaker representing all children in your school at a very important meeting. Your audience will be leaders of different church groups or religions. Write a speech that will encourage them to be united in spite of their religious differences.


How Much Did I Learn?

Encircle the letter of your answer for each of the following situation.

1. Rauf, a Moslem, invited you to attend his birthday party. What will you do?

a. Ignore his invitation.

b. Do not attend the party.

c. Accept the invitation and talk about good things.


2. Your group passed by a Buddhist temple. Your companions started talking and laughing at the way they are praying. What will you do?

a. Listen to their conversation.

b. Tell them to respect the religious practice others.

c. Laugh with them.


3. One afternoon, you saw the several boys vandalizing a picture of a saint. What will you do?

a. Get away from the group.

b. Join the group.

c. Tell them that what they are doing is wrong.

4. Your Iglesia ni Cristo neighbor asked you to attend service in their church. Your religion is different. What will you do?

a. Politely refuse their invitation.

b. Shout at them.

c. Tell them to leave right away.

5. The barangay leader in your place died. All of you were asked/invited to pay your respect in a church different from yours. What will you do?

a. Refuse to enter the church.

b. Attend the church service for the dead.

c. Show that you don’t care

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