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The foregoing are core and related values pertaining to the person and to his/her wholistic development:


On the basis of the foregoing philosophy of the human person, the supreme and overarching value that characterizes education is human dignity: the value person is of infinite value. (Art. II, Sec. II; Art. XIII, Sec. I) Thus in figure 2 it occupies the center of the circle and the core values flow from it.


Being physical (made of matter), he must maintain health and harmony with nature.

Being spiritual (capable of higher concerns and of rising above the material), he must cultivate a global spiritual which, essentially connects him with God and the whole Earth community.

Being intellectual (gifted with mind, the faculty of knowing), he must constantly search for the truth. He seeks knowledge that would transform society and the world. At the same time he maintains a tolerant and open disposition of the mind.

Being moral (endowed with the faculty of freely choosing and loving) he must go out to others and in fact to all humanity in love.

Being social (living in a community), he must help build peace and justice in our society, through the pursuit of family solidarity as well as the common good and well-being of the larger society. He must also cultivate respect for human rights and active non-violence.

Being economic (bound to concerns of production and consumption), he must help achieve the of a more human and sustainable development for the community.

Being political (relating to the conduct of political affairs within the nation and the world), he must cultivate his sense of nationalism and globalism. For the former, love of country and national unity are foremost concerns while for the latter, global solidarity and peace are the fundamental goals.


The foregoing are values pertaining to the person as self; indeed, the human being must achieve integral self-development by cultivating his human faculties to the fullest possible. In fact, however, these values are actualized in society.





PHYSICAL - Health and Harmony with Nature

  • Holistic Health

  • Cleanliness

  • Physical Fitness

  • Reverence and Respect for Life

  • Environmental care


INTELLECTUAL - Truth and Tolerance

  • Love of Truth

  • Critical Thinking

  • Creativity

  • Openness and Respect for Others

  • Future and Orientation

  • Scientific Orientation


MORAL - Love and Goodness

  • Self-worth/Self-Esteem

  • Goodness

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Personal Discipline

  • Courage

  • Trust

  • Compassion (Caring and Sharing)


SPIRITUAL - Global Spirituality

  • Faith in God

  • Inner Peace

  • Religious Tolerance

  • Unity of all



  • Family - Peace and Justice

    • Respect and Love for One’s Family

    • Family Solidarity

    • Responsible Parenthood

  • Social - Respect for Human Rights

    • Concern for Common Good

    • Cooperation

    • Social responsibility and Accountability

    • Creative Goodwill

    • Fairness

    • Appreciation of Diversity

    • Active Non-Violence


ECONOMIC - Sustainable and Human Development

  • Balance between Economic and Social Development

  • Protection of the Environment

  • Wise Use of Resources

  • Responsible Consumerism

  • Productivity and Quality

  • Economic Equity

  • Work Ethic

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit



  • Nationalism

    • Love of Country

    • Heroism and Appreciation of Heroes

    • Appreciation of Cultural Heritage

    • Democracy

    • Freedom and Responsibility

    • Civic Consciousness and Active Participation

    • Committed Leadership

    • National Unity

  • Globalism

    • International Understanding and Solidarity

    • Interdependence

    • Appreciation of World Heritage

    • Cultural Freedom

    • Global Peace


Reference: Values Education for the Filipino

1997 Revised Version of the 
DECS Values Education Program
UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines
Education Committee Project

Health and Harmony with Nature
  • Holistic Health

  • Cleanliness

  • Physical Fitness

  • Reverence and Respect for Life

  • Environmental care

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