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Here are our collection of links that we think are useful to Values Education teachers and students in discussing the seven dimensions of man. We didn't create these sites, We collected and arranged them into categories.

Enjoy your visit.



1. Ano ang katapatan ?


2. Are you really filipino? Take this less than scientific quiz to rate your "Filipino-ness."


3. Centennial Stories


4. Cultural Preservation


5. Events and places


6. Filipino proverbs


7. Filipino youth and student’s page


8. Human Rights Report about the Philippines by F. Braid


9. Jose P. Rizal Web Sites


10. Leadership brochures


11. List of Government Department and agency


12.Meaning of the word Bayani


13. Methodologies for Human Rights Education


14. Mga Kagandahang Asal ng Bagong Pilipino The Values of Modern Filipino


15. Module/Lesson Plan on Enhancing Cultural Awareness


16. National Commission for Culture and Arts


17. National Heroes


18. One hundred (100) best things about being Pinoy


19. Pahayag Pastoral ukol sa Pulitika ng Pilipinas


20. Philippine History 101


21. Philippines most exciting events and festivals


21. The Philippines: Then and Now


22. Understanding the Filipino values and culture by Andres




1. Center for International Understanding


2. Cultural and Biological Diversity


3. Equity and Cultural Diversity



4. Essence of Life is found within the unity of creation


5. Global Spirituality Report


6. Global network for globalism



7. Inner Peace in the 21st Century


8. Inner Peace Resources


9. Multicultural lesson plans


10. Peace and Justice Web Links


11. Peace Motivational Quotes


12. Religious Tolerance


13. Religious Tolerance and Intolerance


14. Symptoms of Inner Peace


15. The Unity of All

16. Time Out For Inner Peace

17. Tips for keeping the peace

18. U.N.’s Recommendation concerning Education for International Understanding, Co-operation and Peace and Education relating to Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

19. UN world heritage

20. UN world heritage news

21. What are you doing to eliminate racial discrimination?

22. Youth who want to improve the world

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