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These are links of value-laden classroom activities, songs, poems, prayers, quotations and trivia that will surely make your session exciting and meaningful.

Enjoy your visit.



1.Songs About Friendship, Getting Along with Others, Character, and Conflict Resolution

2. TAGALOG songs basically reflect the romantic character and personality of Filipinos, as most Philippine songs do.


3. Barbie's Cradle Lyrics

4. 72 Best Songs That Give Life Advice


5. 9 Disney Songs that Teach Valuable Life Lessons


6.10 Songs to Play to Children to teach them about Life


7. Lessons We Can Learn from 10 Inspiring Songs of All Time


8. Best Songs with Positive Message


9. Classroom Classics


10. Values Inspired Songs


11. What the World Needs Now is Love


12. Pop Songs with Political and Social Messages


13. Morality in Music: Songs with Moral Message

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