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These are links of value-laden classroom activities, songs, poems, prayers, quotations and trivia that will surely make your session exciting and meaningful.

Enjoy your visit.


1. Classroom Activities that engage the mind. The purpose of each activity is to address the holistic approach to teaching.

2.  Psychological Tests: Free battery of original psychological tests, scored and accompanied by extensive interpretation.

3. Free Sample Stories for Values Education                      

4. Daily Motivator                     

5. The Active Reviewing Cycle: 4 zone        

6. Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

  1. Lesson and Activities for Teaching Respect


7. Games for Teaching Values to Students

8. Lesson Plans and Activities – Australian Government,15648.html

9. Activities that Teaches Values

10.Fun Ways to Teach Values

11.Teaching Moral Values in Schools: Five Useful Activities for the Classroom

12.100 Kids Activities to Build Character

13. Teaching Core Values

15. 100 More Activities to Teach Kids Good Character

16. Games with Morals for Youth and Kids Group

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